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An introductive guide to online casinos for newbies

Bonus or Not Bonus

In most cases the players are attracted by offers of higher bonus of online casino. But not everyone knows that accepting the bonus includes a restriction on their freedom to collect. When you accept a bonus you also accept the terms and conditions regulating the bonus received, which often require a minimu Playthrough before you can collect.

If you want to know more, you can have a look at the following articles: "Bonus and wagering requirements" and "The playthough and cashable bonus".

If the bonus issue will not feel free, then choose an online casino like 7 Sultans, reported in our "bonus with coupon", where you are free to ask whether the bonus is not automatic.

It's better to choice!

Security and Stability


One of the main methods to ascertain the safety and soundness of an online casino, is to check how long is their online experience, the longevity on the net. Whereas the phenomenon of online casinos was born in 1997, we can easily construct a time scale that is also (but not necessarily the only one) a reliable scale of seriousness and correctness of the operator. The first two operators that face the market at this time (we are talking about the prehistory of the Internet) are still present and are Intercasino, born in 1996 and 888 born in 1997. Over the years, these two operators have consolidated their market positions and above all have shown accuracy, reliability, speed and support payments to players. What to ask for?


Questions and Answers for newbies on online casinos

Can I trust the online casino?

Obviously there is no answer to this question. Most existing online casinos, now, are absolutely safe and legitimate (note that some have gaming licenses granted by EU member states). The phenomenon of online casinos is much dating, given the overall age of the internet, and the market over time has "purged" operators "unreliable". However, if you follow the links on this site, we can ensure that there are only the best casinos on the market, and many of them have the focus on the multilingual market by offering not only software, but most of all service and including telephone support 24 hours in 24 in the major languages of the world. Moreover, the data rate and good sense: the casino, in itself, do not need to cheat, as they say in slang "the house always wins", there are margins and rates of gain is such that not only unnecessary but counterproductive to resort to tricks or "tips" for no pay.

What are the elements to be evaluated in choosing the right online casino?

Well, there are many factors that may favor a casino rather than another, but some are really compelling, including:
1. The license granted by a "serious" country, preferably European or inspected by the UK Gambling Commission, and then say "whitelisted";
2. The spread of casinos and how long is this on the web, most are the years of experience more is reliable, of course;
3. The payout percentage, or rate of repayment, which must be at least 95%, if you do not know what look to this article
4. Banking options: check in advance that you can deposit and withdraw with your preferred method. Some online casinos are equipped to use a prepaid debit card; if you prefer this method choose a casino online that explicitly mention or promote it as a method of payment.
5. Finally, the variety of games. The online casino is always fun, so the higher the better chance you have chosen to find a game that satisfies your curiosity. There are online casinos that have selections in excess of 300 games!

6. Support to players who must be 7 / 7, 24/24, possibly (if not fluent in English) in your language.

But playing at online casinos is legal?

We can not give a definitive answer to the question. Depends on the jurisdiction where you are, and the laws on gambling in your country. In Europe, the question on the legality of remote gambling is different between countries. The matter is being developed and again discussed by the European Court of Justice, with disputes between EU firms residents in some states against other states in the European Union itself.
The American situation is equally complicated. After the passing of UIGEA many online casinos don't accept the players coming from US. But UIGEA not criminalises the player tries to prevent the remote gambling by preventing deposits and withdrawals of money. So, other online casinos continue to accept US players.
Also remains to be clarified in fact the concept of territoriality, if the place where the game is the player's house or the place where the servers for online casinos are lacated. In any case, if you win, a recurrent requirement is that you declare and pay taxes in your country!

How to play to online casinos from your computer

The normal procedure to start playing an online casino is of course to download the software from the site chosen. After the download, when it is all installed, the first operation to do is register a real account. These operations are relatively simple and require no special skills. If your prefer don't install software on your computer, so prefer not to leave tracks, or simply you need to play from work or maybe from macintosh or linux computer, some of the best online casino offer a flash casino, uploaded from the web that allow you to play exactly as if it were installed software. For all the flash casino we have dedicated a special section.

Make your first deposit and start playing.

Once you've registered, you are ready to start playing. But you have to buy a certain amount of chips (there are usually minimum $ 20), and you can do using a wide range of depositing methods, from credit card to bank transfer to the ewallet service like NETeller, FirePay, moneybookers and similar.

How do the bonus? What are the requirements before cashing out?

There are different types of bonuses available at online casinos, but the bonus better known is the "Welcome Bonus".
Welcome Bounus: is a bonus that it is only for new players, the casino increases the deposit of the player through a percentage of bonuses. For example, a welcome bonus of 100% up to 50 free, it means that over 50 deposited by the player the casino will add additional 50, so the availability to play will be doubled, or equal to 100. Since the bonuses in our example indicates a rate of 100%, but up to 50 free, if you deposit 70 will receive only 50 for free, which is the limit of the bonus admissible
Bonus Terms and Conditions
Each bonus has its own "conditions", the "Terms and Conditions." You must always read and above all "understand" before you begin playing any online casino. The two most important sections to read include: the "wagering requirements" or playthrough and the "games exclusion". Here we can say in summary that the minimum bet is a parameter that must be met to collect, for example, if the wagering requirement is equal to 5x the deposit plus the bonus, if we have filed 100 and received a bonus of 100, we will have to play at least (100 +100) * 5, or do a volume game of 1000. The "other games", those games are excluded from the computation of the achievement of the minimum bet (eg if you play in a game, not the whole volume of the game will not be considered valid for the achievement of our in 5x 'example).